We believe that through conscious participation in education and culture, we create an open, creative, modern society.

Pro Cultura Foundation was established in 2003. For 15 years the Pro Cultura has realized many projects in a local, regional, national and international environment.

Nowadays Foundation’s main goals is to enhancing digital skills and competence and media literacy.

Pro Cultura is also interested in:

  • creating new educational space
  • civic and social medias
  • participation in dialogue and creating changes in education and culture,
  • using new technology in education,
  • analysis of trends, needs and directions of development of culture and education.

Our beneficiaries:

  • seniors
  • teenagers
  • people with disabilities
  • teachers
  • civic journalists
  • non-government organizations
  • community centers and libraries

The Foundation engages  experienced specialists which work in 3 units:

  • project department
  • research and evaluation department
  • e-learning platform department

Our employees specialize in such areas as: education, including adult education (andragogy), intergenerational education, using of modern technologies in everyday life, improvement of digital competences among children and seniors, exchange knowledge and experience in the field of culture.

Our team is built by: scientific employees, trainers, culture animators specialists in the field of communication as well as research and evaluation.

Our biggest and recent projects

In 2018 – 2020, the Foundation implemented 5 projects titled „KoderJunior – School of Programming Masters” in 5 regions of Poland in schools from rural and rural-urban communities (total budget of nearly 8 million zlotys). Digital competencies were raised by 980 teachers, 14,000 students in grades 1-3 and 250 employees of educational and cultural institutions. The projects were implemented in partnership with 2 polish universities.

From February 2020 Foundation is implementing the project „Radio SoVo – accessible internet radio” (Pro Cultura Foundation as the leader, budget over 5 million zlotys). The project is improving the digital and media competence of 5,000 people, including 675 with disabilities and 2,186 people aged 65+.  As part of the project, a radio portal www.radiosovo.pl was created, for which podcasts and video materials are prepared by 30 amateur groups from all over Poland (15 seniors associated with the Universities of the Third Age and 15 with people with intellectual disabilities). Nearly 160 amateur journalists are developing their digital competencies in this way and convincing others to do the same. They also learned how to pay the role the civil journalists in local environment.

Radio SoVo also provides open and closed training courses on improving digital competence. Participants can gain practical skills and expand their knowledge in the use of the Internet, including, among other things: maintaining relationships with loved ones, taking care of privacy, searching for information, e-payments, or mobile applications for smartphones.

Starting in November 2021, the project launched the SoVo Senior Academy, which is a series of free online lectures for people aged 55+  (over 3,000 people will be trained till the end of November 2022).

December 2021 marked the beginning of a partnership project between the Pro Cultura Foundation and the Youth Sociotherapy Centre „Jędruś” from Józefów, near Warsaw, entitled „Digital Citizen Sweeps the Internet„. The project focuses on a group of children and young people at risk of exclusion and their media competencies. Media competence (media literacy) is the ability to understand, analyse, evaluate and create media messages in many different forms, now recognized as one of the most important human competencies in the 21st century, allowing, among other things, active participation not only in social, cultural, but also civic life, and preventing digital exclusion. This is what the activities will be devoted to – a 3-semester in-depth course for children and young people, training for the Centre’s staff, as well as materials and meetings for parents.  In total, the activities will involve 80 direct recipients and more than 1,500 whom the Foundation will reach with information.

Welcome to contact us:

Magdalena Janczewska

Tel.: +48 698 472 879

e-mail: fundacja@pro-cultura.pl